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StartupTree is the only proven all-in-one solution for your team to effortlessly take charge of your network, events, opportunities, and reporting

Managing university entrepreneurship programs is challenging

This is why StartupTree is not just a community management software. It is a solution built by directors, program managers, and ecosystem builders from top universities, dedicated specifically for entrepreneurship programs. StartupTree gives university entrepreneurship programs all of the tools they require in a single package to grow their presence - all without making life complicated for the team.

Leading entrepreneurship programs on StartupTree include:

"StartupTree is enabling Cornell University to maximize the effectiveness of our Entrepreneurship Program. I would highly recommend the service to any of my colleagues running entrepreneurship programs at their respective universities."

Zach Shulman

Director, Entrepreneurship at Cornell

The #1 Platform for University Entrepreneurship

Network & Tools

Allow your students, alumni, and mentors to connect with others within the entrepreneurship network, find events, and stay engaged with all entrepreneurship-related happenings.


Automated tracking allows you to measure the progress, impact, and engagement in all areas of your program with just a single glance at the analytics dashboard. No more static spreadsheets, time spent exporting data, or manual note taking.

Events & Opportunities

Fuel your community growth by offering seamless event/competition organization and a hub for career opportunities.

StartupTree News: March 2021

StartupTree acquires Kontess: a competition management platform for pitch events and startup competitions



Users join to attend events, find cofounders and mentors, apply to competitions, gain access to resources and more.


Platforms Deployed

Including universities, regional hubs, incubators, accelerators, Chamber of Commerce, angel networks/VCs, and cities.



Our teams combined experience working in university entrepreneurship—launching, managing, and scaling programs.

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