Where we're from and where we're headed

Why StartupTree? Join us on our journey as we build a company from the ground up.

Brother-Sister Founding Team

The Classic American Story

Founded in Ithaca, NY at Cornell University

A Passion for Entrepreneurship

The Importance of Giving Back

Our Singular Purpose

“StartupTree is the glue that holds our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem together. It helps us make vital connections and keep track of data that is crucial to our decision making.”

Key Milestones to Realize our Mission

Since our founding, we've expanded to 400,000+ users in 24 states and 4 countries.

Expanded to Canada (2017) and the EU (2019)

Regional Networks Launched (2020)

Begin Work with Foundations (2021)

We're friendly, open-minded and always willing to learn more from you on how to make things better.

Enough about us. Here's why we care about you.

The only platform in our space built with you in mind

Customer Obsessed

Focused on the Long Term

Grounded in Community

Why StartupTree? Answers from our customers themselves

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