StartupTree Frequently Asked Questions

Data Management

How does this save me time in regards to data management?

Many programs keep track of their data on multiple spreadsheets. When there is staff turnover, this can result in starting over. StartupTree allows this data to be in a centralized location: furthermore the data can be entered in by your community, and kept updated.

Benefits for Members

Can StartupTree help me increase funding for my program?

StartupTree helps with funding by providing measurable results for stakeholders including advisory councils. The venture database can furthermore be displayed on your entrepreneurship website which updates in real-time. There are now newly released features ways allowing for membership payments.


Why should I use the StartupTree events module?

Alongside the centralization of data, StartupTree Events allows programs to leverage network effects by providing access to global events taking place across the platform. The module is also specifically designed for entrepreneurship with best practices around capping RSVPs and easy intros.


Does StartupTree competitions allow for judging?

Yes, our competitions module has an extensive set of features including the landing page, custom application and rubric, judging invites and assignments, as well as reporting. Multiple rounds can be run and feedback provided to applicants; recent upgrades in progress include auto-save functionality.


What are ways that programs use StartupTree Mentorship?

Successful programs have used StartupTree Mentorship for office hours, where high-profile mentors provide their availability for a streamlined scheduling process. This in conjunction with a landing page and regular communication has allowed for programs to schedule 80+ meetings per semester.


How does StartupTree differ from the other platforms?

StartupTree was designed specifically for the entrepreneurship ecosystem through close collaboration with leading programs. StartupTree is more than just a platform but also a grounds for knowledge sharing within the entrepreneurship community including best practices.

Do you have more questions?

If you have questions specific to the needs of your program, schedule a time to speak with a StartupTree representative.