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How can StartupTree help you scale?

Everything you need to manage an entrepreneurial ecosystem, all in one platform




StartupTree Platform Plans

One centralized system designed for you

Starter Plan

For programs that are getting started and want the right tools in place

  • Entrepreneurship Relationship Management (ERM™) plus:
  • Events
  • People Directory
  • Internships Board
  • Discussions Board
  • Ventures Database
  • IP/Projects Database
  • Data Exports
  • Resources
  • Ecosystem Roadmap
  • Ecosystem Analytics

Growth Plan

Ideal for programs that are looking to increase their impact

  • Everything in the Starter Plan plus:
  • Competition Event Page
  • Judging and Feedback
  • Guest Applicants
  • File Uploads
  • Data Exports
  • Participants History
  • Competition Analytics
  • Auto-Save Applications
  • Multiple Rounds
  • Applicant Messaging
  • Judge Assignments
  • Custom Judge Invites
  • Mass Judge Uploads

Premium Plan

Perfect for programs that are building a thriving entrepreneurship community

  • Everything in the Growth Plan plus:
  • Calendars Integration
  • Meetings Scheduling
  • Office Hours
  • Mentor Discovery
  • Recommend Mentors
  • Meetings History
  • Assign and Track Goals
  • Mentorship Analytics
  • Reschedule Meetings
  • Meeting Reminders
  • Custom Fields for Meetings
  • Custom Fields for Request
  • Calendar & Meeting Export
  • Custom Mentor Invites
What can StartupTree help you do?

Your program on StartupTree

Centralize your community

Better manage competitions

Real data, real time

Scale your mentorship

What's included in the Starter Plan

Event Management | Participant Data Collection

Streamline your events and participant data

Full Community Directory | Co-founder Matching

Give everyone the network they need to launch

Resources | Participant Roadmap

Centralize your resources and opportunities in one place

What's included in the Growth Plan


All-in-one competitions module

One-step onboarding for judges

A delightfully simple judging experience with rave reviews

Provide applicants with feedback to help them grow

Magnify your impact with streamlined venture feedback

What's included in the Premium Plan

Mentorship Scheduling

Mentorship designed for entrepreneurship

Mentorship Dashboard

Track mentors, mentees, and connections made

Mentorship Activity

No more wondering if meetings are happening

The StartupTree Standard: Data Centralization and Reporting

Analytics | Reporting

Measure what matters and provide visibility

Advanced Reporting Workflows

Custom-built, real-time analytics that demonstrate real impact

In closing, StartupTree is the glue that holds it together. Our secret sauce is tracking data:

You can't improve what you don't track. On average, our customers see...

Increase in Participants

Across the program including event attendees, competition participants, mentees, and cohorts via messaging.

More Mentor Meetings

Mentorship often ends with the introduction. Now we can track whether there's follow up and increased visibility.

Additional Judges

By making it easy to streamline communications with judges, programs strengthen alumni networks.

Tracked Venture Data

When reporting period rolls around, the venture database built over time prevents retroactively scouring for data.

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