StartupTree solves the pain point of managing a fragmented data landscape into a centralized platform allowing your program to demonstrate your true impact to stakeholders, donors, and sponsors.

Summary of Benefits

Don't settle for a solution that covers only part of your needs

The reason that organizations switch over after juggling multiple platforms is simple: the ad hoc solutions eventually get in the way of your program's success as it does not scale

Start Up

From day one begin to collect the data you need on participants, ventures, projects and more. Provide visibility into your growing community for stakeholders.


Now you're ready to grow your program with competitions and prizes to bring new members into the fold. A cross-pollination opportunity with other institutions.

Scale Up

Firing on all cylinders, offer mentorship office hours to develop the deep relationships that create continuous engagement. Use mentorship to engage high-profile alumni.

Analytics & Exports

Analytics and reporting for stakeholders

Start working more efficiently by reducing the amount of data you need to input manually on participants and startups. Use a system designed specifically for you and entrepreneurship ecosystems to capture key metrics in one place.

Ventures, Projects, IP List and Repository

Centralized database built for you

Showcase and increase the visibility of your ventures, projects, and IP affiliated with your institution. Spur more connections and innovations by making startups more discoverable through the StartupTree platform.

Cofounder & Investor Discovery

A global network of collaborators

Startups and businesses can't get off the ground without the right talent. Give your entrepreneurs access to a curated, global network of the most entrepreneurial minds. Engineers, business minds, data scientists, designers and investors—they’re all on StartupTree.

Custom Data & Forms

Collect the data needed for your reports

Instantly integrate custom fields to user, venture, or project profiles on your StartupTree platform. You can even set up custom fields for different workflows including mentor requests and events RSVPs.


Streamline your events and participant data

Activate our built-in event functionality to have users RSVP or Check-in to your events with a single click. You'll be able to keep track of your participants from all past events without the guesswork or additional efforts to pull data from fragmented sources.


All-in-one competitions module

Why limit the impact of your competition with an isolated, one-off page that the participant will never visit again? You've worked too hard to miss out on the opportunities that take place before and after. Now it’s possible for your competition to fit into the bigger picture of the participants’ journey.

Mentorship & Office Hours

Mentorship designed for entrepreneurship

General mentorship software comes up short for the specific needs of entrepreneurship. Scheduling designed for busy mentors including calendar sync and meeting approval. Notes and goals for program administrators as well as mentor matching and analytics capabilities.

Jobs & Internships

Startup opportunities for members

Do you run an internship program for alumni startups? Have students looking for entrepreneurship opportunities? Allow your network to apply to opportunities. Add listings for your recruitment or if you are offering an internship program. Includes a lightweight recruiting tool.

Tools & Services

Roadmap and curated tools for members

Need a way to sequence your many entrepreneurship resources and programming available to participants? Have special deals for tools and services for your members? Easily customize and highlight your resources in a more organized and useful way.

Ready Made Templates

Templates to jumpstart your program

Using our Ready Made Templates, you will be able to apply the best practices of successful entrepreneurship programs with templates for events, competitions, applications and peer groups.

Ready to scale your efforts by streamlining your programming and create a lasting impact?