Case Study

Rhode Island Innovation Hub

RIHub successfully manages the diverse stakeholders necessary to build a regional innovation community. Their community includes entrepreneurs, investors, students, corporate people and general citizens interested in entrepreneurship.

"Since launching, the response from our community has been incredibly positive. It's the one place that they can go to find an event, post jobs, look for a cofounder and get an online community."

Annette Tonti Managing Director RIHub: Rhode Island's Innovation Hub

How did RIHub support their community virtually?

One main challenge of running an entrepreneurship center was creating that virtual community where people can connect with each other, learn and solve problems together. With the right team and the right tools, RIHub has created that online community to build and scale startups in their region.

All in One Place

Registering for events happens in the same platform for jobs and networking

Venture Directory

Support ventures long-term and keep track of their progress

Opportunities for the Community

Providing jobs and internships give users a reason to come back

KEY TAKEAWAY: Data-Driven Approach

"We heard about StartupTree word of mouth from one of our board members to provide a more data-driven approach to running an entrepreneurship center."