Competitions for Engagement

University of Central Florida

UCF has utilized competitions to engage the wider community and found novel way to expand their reach with close to 1000 members participating as applicants and judges for a single competition.

How did University of Central Florida achieve record engagement for competitions?

"We’ve tried several program management platforms before adopting StartupTree, and your support has been second to none. I’m especially impressed with the competition module. Even with over 400 entries and judges the system worked perfectly."

Cameron M. Ford, Ph.D. Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership University of Central Florida

Competition Page

A Compelling Landing Page

Along with a well-designed graphic and sizeable prize, UCF put together clear instructions for applicants and timelines.


Coaching Support for Applicants

Applicants were given the opportunity to meet with coaches to review business models, financial models, presentation strategies, and pitch decks.

Analytics & Reporting

Real-time analytics and exports

Data collected during the competition provided analytics that updated as applications were submitted. Reports were available on both the application submissions as well as judge rubrics completed.

ONE KEY TAKEAWAY: Leverage Competitions to Maximize Engagement

Streamlining the competition process to expand the reach to community members while saving time on data management and collection allows programs to go deeper on engagement.