Mentorship Meetings

Boston University

How did Boston University build a thriving mentorship program that scaled successfully over the years?

“Our students consistently tell us that coaching and mentoring are key ingredients to their success as innovators and entrepreneurs. StartupTree has provided an efficient process for our students to connect with internal and external mentors, search for various skills and areas of expertise, and schedule office hours appointments. This tool has been instrumental in fostering a collaborative community amongst students, alumni, program staff, and external mentors.”

Mentorship Office Hours

Turning on Office Hours

Scheduling Meetings

Continuously updated mentor availability

Calendar Sync

Reducing the lift for mentors

“Over the last three years, we have established and grown our mentoring program from a few student team participants to include faculty, researchers, and alumni interest. Thanks to the capabilities of StartupTree, we have an informative and streamlined place for all of our different clients to find great mentor candidates.”


Students and younger people have a high bar for quality, friction-free online experiences. By taking extra care and attention on visual presentation and making it easy to schedule the meeting, BUild Lab has blasted through a common challenge for entrepreneurship centers in regards to engagement.

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