Broadening the reach across schools & sectors

University of Southern California

By building increasing value for users over the years; the University of Southern California has become one of the high performing StartupTree platforms. This has allowed the USC Marshall / Greif Incubator to draw from a larger applicant pool to identify entrepreneurs.

How did University of Southern California achieve the trifecta of successful events, competitions, and mentorship?

Clear value proposition for students and community members throughout the year = Snowball effect of platform growth

"One of the main goals of the Social Venture Coaching Competition is to find the best ideas and brightest entrepreneurs from across the university. StartupTree has allowed us to attract the attention of students and alumni who are engaging on the platform for other reasons. As a result, our applicant pool has broadened to include more departments, schools and sectors."

Abby Fifer Mandell Executive Director Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab University of Southern California

Venture Competition

Social Venture Coaching Competition

The University of Southern California hosts events throughout the year with 50+ RSVPs and competitions with 70+ participants.

Cross-Campus Events

Speaker Series

Regular events to build community including speakers series with entrepreneurs who have already gone down the path.

Mentorship & Coaching

Pitch Coaching

Easy to schedule pitch coaching to get support along the way for those in the early stages of venture formation.

“StartupTree is an excellent system. I built a similar platform for a non-profit grant program a few years ago and I’m a fan of how StartupTree centralizes all of the USC programming to allow for a cross-pollination of ideas and expertise.”

Park Cofield Program Lead Social Venture Coaching Competition Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab University of Southern California

ONE KEY TAKEAWAY: Give members opportunities to engage

StartupTree is as good as the programming provided. By getting into the mind of students and alums, USC provides a clear value proposition for users to engage with the platform throughout the year.