Jobs Board with a Built-in Entrepreneurial Network for Recruitment

Have your portfolio companies provide opportunities to the most entrepreneurial talent from top institutions. Engineers, data scientists, designers, looking for startup jobs, are all here! StartupTree’s curated userbase is growing rapidly and will hit a quarter million next year. Our team can help set up dedicated pages for each of your portfolio companies to save you time.

Portfolio Management and Community for your Entrepreneurs

Provide the same type of platform an increasing number of groups like First Round Capital are building out for their portfolio companies. StartupTree allows you to do this without investing 9+ years and $100,000s to build out, then more to maintain any in-house platform.

Lasting Network of Top Entrepreneurship Institutions

Expand your reach in 0 to 60 by partnering up with the #1 platform for university entrepreneurship. There is no other group working with as many entrepreneurship centers, programs, and institutes than StartupTree. Our team interacts with these institutions every single weekday (and sometimes weekends) to maintain your connection and can also help you market you fellowship or ambassadors program.

Early Access Waitlist

Get early access to membership payments and monetize your network

This latest release from StartupTree provides all of the benefits of the platform now with the ability to process payments during sign up.

“Establishing closer relationships with top institutions is a priority for us. This would save me a lot of time on travel every year. We’re all in.”