Case Study

University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii achieves high engagement for events and hosting applications for fundings on StartupTree. In addition, they centralize the data collection including custom fields.

"We're definitely enjoying using the platform and finding benefits to connecting our community. Mahalo for taking good care of us."

Tracy Taira Program Manager Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship

What is the University of Hawaii's secret to high turnout?

The University of Hawaii uses exceptionally well-designed graphics to draw the community in. They've also come up with events that are particularly appealing to its students. Great visuals and running events that students actually want to attend = Consistent High Turnout

Innovation Challenge

UH Breakthrough Innovation Challenge Finals with 130+ RSVPs

Application for Funding

Calvin Shindo Student Venture Fund Application for Venture Capital Funding

Fireside Chat

Entrepreneurship Live with Mylen Yamamoto with 145+ RSVPs and Check-Ins

"Thanks to StartupTree, we were able to gain a lot more traction and sign ups, and more than 100+ RSVPs!"